Thermopad 78320 Toe Warmers(30 toe warmers) Price: 61.03 (as of 01/01/2017 22:36 PST- Details)

Thermopad 78320 Toe Warmers(30 toe warmers)
30 Pairs


No more cold feet with the toe warmers from Thermopad. The thin, comfortable toe warmers are simply attached to the top or bottom of the socks with the adhesive side. They are activated by contact with oxygen upon opening the package and give up to 6 hours of natural heat. Trekkers, skiers, and car boot sale wanderers can indulge in the cosy effects of our toe warmers. Our Thermopads are produced by Japanese manufacturers. Our product comes in a European packaging with appropriate instructions for use. The toe warmers are disposable items. Ingredients: Iron powder, salt, activated carbon, water and vermiculite
Thermopad 78320 Toe Warmers(30 toe warmers)
30 Pairs

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