Northcore Waterproof Headphones One Size Black Price: 18.95 (as of 01/01/2017 22:00 PST- Details)

Waterproof to a depth of 3 metres
10mm aluminium speaker drivers
35mm gold plated jacke


Northcore Waterproof Headphones One Size Black
Northcore «Soundwave» earphones are 100% waterproof to a depth of 3m which make them a perfect accessory for any/all sports and water based activities. If you use them in the gym the earphones won’t be affected by perspiration and if you use them for surfing, or on your SUP, kayaking, sailing etc (with a suitable MP3 player or Northcore waterproof MP3/phone case) they aren’t going to suffer water damage. With 10mm aluminium speaker drivers and a standard 3.5mm gold plated jack the sound quality is great. «Soundwave» earphones also come with a remote mic for conversations and for controlling your device. «Soundwave» also comes with a set of three sizes of silicon earbuds so you can choose maximum comfort.

Waterproof Earphone / Headphone features:
Waterproof to 3m depth
Designed to work with all IPod’s and MP3 players with a stereo mini-jack socket
Modern black finish
Remote function control and mic
Includes 3 sizes of silicon ear buds
Perfect to use with Northcore Waterproof MP3 cases
10mm Aluminium speaker drivers
Frequency Range: 20-20K(Hz)
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Maximum Power Input: 2mW
Audio Jack Plug: 3.5mm Gold Plated
Compliant with IPX8 waterproof standard
Waterproof to a depth of 3 metres
10mm aluminium speaker drivers
35mm gold plated jacke
Remote mic
Set of three silicone earbuds for maximum comfort

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