Finis – Cronómetro para natación Price: 41.27 (as of 01/01/2017 20:54 PST- Details)

100 Dual Split Memory
Take splits while reviewing the memory
Continuous display of event running with current Lap running option


Easy to use, this stopwatch is the durable, functional and economical choice for swim coaches and swimmers.
A durable, intuitive stop watch is an essential training tool for any serious swimmer, and this functional and value-priced model is a handy accessory for swim coaches and swimmers alike. Features

  • 100 dual split memory: Allows user to take 100 splits and review both cumulative and lap splits
  • Take splits while reviewing memory: User can review current memory while continuing to run watch and take splits
  • Continuous display of event running: Easy-to-see cumulative running time and current lap running time
  • Accurate time interval: Measures up to ten hours by 1/100th second
  • Stroke/stride rate mode: Automatically calculates stroke rate or stride rate; programmed for every third stroke/stride
  • Split counter: Easily read the current split and how many have been taken
  • Three-line LCD display: Easy-to-read running times, current lap, and cumulative splits
  • One/two fast finish: Quickly see first and second place times in the same view
  • Lithium battery: Provides approximately five years of operation

This FINIS product includes a limited five-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

FINIS was founded by Olympic gold medalist Pablo Morales in 1993. His influence as one of the world’s greatest butterfly swimmers led to the development of the renowned Monofin, and — in the years since — FINIS has worked with an extensive list of coaches and swimmers to create products that optimize training and competitive performance. Today, FINIS is widely regarded as an innovator in technical swimming development, and the company’s products are designed to improve efficiency, enjoyment, and comfort in the water.
100 Dual Split Memory
Take splits while reviewing the memory
Continuous display of event running with current Lap running option
Accurate Time Interval
Split Counter

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